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The following are entries by others that have made me laugh, or made me cry. They all have touched my heart in some special way. They are listed pretty much in the order I have added them, with the latest additions on top. Click them to read.

Thinking that life was so much easier in younger days". -panther1352

X is for Xerox. "Roni's Codes of Life". -roni-ann

I always think about the people behind the scenes. Take a look at Zoe, and her thoughts about Happy Tooth. -jnickole

Regrets? I wonder why amberfalls keeps finding her way into my favorite entries list. -amberfalls

I will be seeing you, Bryan. A little boy dies, and a star is born. -weetabix

Love and Canned Heat. Zoe has struck a chord from my life. This music brings back old and pleasant memories. -jnickole

Another entry from Bran in my faves. He has challenged us all to a little debate, with well chosen words. -brandone

A little peek at writing skills that paint a picture. -jehsika

A short entry about pushing people around -lever

If only we all could have such dreams, and translate them into daily actions. -brandone

An "invitation" to reviewers. lol -ms-ashlynn

Imagine. More words from the richness that is Ellen. -elliorange

If I am less of myself, will you love me more? -might

A Christmas wish written by a talented writer from Australia. Believe me, you have never read a Christmas wish this unusual before. -lever

Originality eloquently said in so few words. -maliciousd

A picture of love in words. -Ashlynn

An entry that uses song lyrics to express pain in a very unique way. -redshiftblue

Area 51 welfare cheese. This is very funny. -chubbychic

An entry about growing up from a young lady who is much more than a teen beauty queen. I wish I had known half this much when I was her age. -openthegate

This is a letter written to the future of a child. I actually cried when I read this. So touching. -ashlynn

The gift of a smile for me to revisit when I need one. -solstice36

Officer, this is discrimination, you only stopped me because I was breaking the law. -amberfalls

Once again the words of amberfalls strikes a chord in the heart. The interconnection of scent and memory. -amberfalls

The following, are entries of mine. A bio of sorts.

A letter I wrote to Eric. (perceptionss)

You sometimes cannot judge a book by it's cover.

You drive your life, I will drive mine.

An entry about my mother.

More about my mother

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