Would You Marry My Wife?
Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002 - 5:57 p.m.

Someone I work with just made me a propositon unlike any I have ever been offered before.

He asked me to marry his wife.

Now this has certainly opened the door for much laughter between the three of us as I can't help but make jokes with them.

My first response to him was that I didn't think I had the proper clothes for a wedding, but I suppose I could buy a tux.

He is a citizen of another country, and has all the valid papers for working here. His wife does not.

It seems he has secured the services of an attorney, who has advised him that her marriage to a U.S. citizen is the likely fastest route to her gaining citizenship.

It doesn't seem possible to me that this could be legal, but what do I know?

It amazes me the hoops we can jump through in our pursuit for the opportunity to enjoy a better life.

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