Did I Make Myself Clear?
Sunday, Dec. 22, 2002 - 11:45 p.m.

Did you ever tell someone something, and know by their response that they did not understand what you had said.

I just signed up for an Aim instant message service, and haven't used one for years. I had forgotten how hard it is, to me at least, to express myself through instant messages.

Of course it helps when the person I am speaking to knows me. Then things such as intent are more readily apparent.

Sometimes I wonder how two people can ever communicate. We all have our own particular vocabulary with our own variations on the meaning of words. And words do change their meanings through common usage over time.

Sometimes I don't get my point across because of a failure on my part to use the proper words.

I think it was Alexander who faced this problem as he expanded his empire. He faced an ever increasing problem of his newly acquired army recruits speaking different languages.

The success of his expansion depended on communication right down to the tactical level on the battleground. He couldn't have people going in all different directions every time he ordered a left face.

So he invented a new language. A variant of all the Greek spoken at that time. It remains today one of the most specific languages ever spoken.

Unfortunately I don't use that one.

So I will do the best I can with the ones I have.

Sometimes when I have been misunderstood, it has been because of the preconceptions of those I have spoken to.

I believe that I usually find what I am looking for. If I look for kindness in you, I can usually find some. If I look for disrespect from you I can usually find some.

I find myself happiest when I look for the best in others. Sometimes I let that best I see mask too much.


I appreciate those who took my survey. You may take it here.


A special thank you to my new DLand friend.

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