Sunday, Dec. 29, 2002 - 1:54 a.m.

You really thought this would make a difference? Capable of doing better. That's what it said on your reports from school. You really showed them didn't you? oh no, They weren't going to run your life.

You hated authority so bad didn't you? Well who's laughing now? Not you, that's for sure. So you lived life your way. No one could ever break your spirit could they?

You overlooked one little tiny thing. You overlooked yourself. You thought you were your best friend. Well who's laughing now?

You were oh so entertaining weren't you. Everyone wanted you at their parties. One thing was guaranteed. You would keep it alive. Sure, everything you touched turned to gold. Except the thing that matters most to you. Your life didn't turn to gold did it.

Everything had to be just right for you. You had no problem overlooking the shortcomings of others for the most part. You told yourself that anything was possible didn't you. You just never figured out what the cost was to you.

You tried to be everything to everyone that you ever wanted for yourself. But without even realising it. You were nothing to yourself.

You made all the right moves. You built all the right networks. You just never quite got it though did you? You didn't ever quite find time to apply any of it to yourself did you? And who's laughing now? Couldn't quite find the time to see what was going on inside could you.

You placed such a high value on freedom all the while slowly locking your self away from yourself. Where did it get you. You slowly but surely started the acts that would eventually lead to your own demise. And just when did you begin this suicide?

Did you not know that it would catch up with you. Oh that's right. You thought you were untouchable. You thought you would never die, didn't you. You bought the line of crap that you were invincible. No one could touch you. Have you ever thought that maybe you are already dead? I suppose not. Because you breathe, you suppose you live don't you.

And who's laughing now? Not you. So what are you going to do about it. You could have been so much more. You just left your tools in the box. You don't have a clue what to do about it do you?

Well get a grip and figure it out because the clock is ticking. Or just let it go it's course. You have the best ideals, and the greatest intentions. Your portfolio of assets is flowing over the top. Whatcha gonna do with it. Time waits for no man.

Who's laughing now? Does it really matter? ps I know some others read this. I just read it after posting, and realised. I'm not going to kill myself. Aren't I the nice guy not wanting anyone to worry. IBI UBU Let' all give Dave a big hand. He is so thoughtful.

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