Sunday, Dec. 29, 2002 - 4:20 p.m.

I don't know whether to call you Alien, or Dave. It's not like we are two different people. First I would like to say that I appreciate you caring enough to say what was on your mind. I almost didn't let you put all that in my diary.

Of course, I doubt if I could have stopped you. You are a lot stronger than I am. I admire strength and conviction in others. Maybe I should admire it more when I see it in myself. I just don't want to let my head swell up so much that I fall over, as I can be prone to self promotion. ps. The only reason I wanted to stop you was because I didn't want anyone who found it to think poorly of me. Sometimes I concern myself too much with that that it distracts me from living my own life.

You remind me of my Father. Now don't take that as an insult. He had a lot of good qualities. I think he was probably the only one strong enough to get my attention with negatives. You are really hard on me as he was. I just hope you never get as cynical as he did.

I wasn't even hardly there when you wrote in my diary. I did watch you leave me a note, and an entry in my guestbook. I really didn't like that then. I was so weak at the time that I was afraid of you. You are the only person I ever fear. You know me too well, and could hurt me if you wanted. Thanks for leaving them. I know you meant me no harm, and were only thinking of my best.

I went back and put a ps at the end of what you wrote in my diary because you sounded suicidal to me when I read it. I know you weren't. I see you added to it with the give Dave a big hand comment. Well let's both write the last sentence in this entry. You always have to have the last word don't you, well this time I do.

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