Saturday, Jan. 18, 2003 - 1:13 p.m.

So you just ordered a pizza online did you? Yes I did, and on CNN I learned that in Hollywood that it will soon be illegal to declaw cats. And you might be able to buy a 41 thousand dollar Toyota with nothing more than coupons.

I have a coffee mug with a picture of a Marlboro man looking cowboy character on it. On the side it says..."There were a helluva lot of things they didn't tell me when I hired on with this outfit."

You know what? I love pizza almost as much as noodles and cottage cheese, and peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches.

And I love LA and the surrounding areas. I love cats. And I love knowing that when someone buys a Toyota, it helps pay the rent. At least when they do it with money instead of coupons.

I love coffee, and cowboy poetry too. And cowboys. Real cowboys, not the ones that just play one on the weekend.

I keep looking at my mug sitting here on my desk, and I just keep shaking my head, and saying...yep, there were a helluva lot of things they didn't tell me when I signed on with this dland outfit.

Like I would find some direction in my life. I don't think when I started here I even knew I was drifting at sea without a rudder. Hell I was just busy picking up the pieces from my three year storm.

I call her my rock. ~smiles~ She is probably more like a beacon to me, shining from the shore. And hey, Trays, if you ever get that perfect Barbie face, or that perfect body, they will just change the rules. hehe. Just so you never give up your quest for that perfect mind, you are the winner in the pageant of life.

What can I say about the brillianterest of my friends? My collaborator in the exploration of alien worlds, and parallel planes, and alternate realities. I won't call you a scientist. Or an engineer. Or a chick magnet. Or a faithful loving husband. I will leave labeling for the rest of the world to apply to you.

Though I label you myself sometimes. I have probably linked you more times than anyone in this galaxy. I like to have many doors to enter your world. If I could only label you and place you in one box, which I couldn't, I would call you teacher. You preach awareness, like Johnny Appleseed, planting the seeds of trees as you go, like the tree of imagination. The tree of freedom of thought. The tree of what if and why not.

And you, my cynical friend. I love poetry. I love the reality of cynicism. I love compassion, and the balance you add to my life. I suppose you never thought I would say things like this about you in here. LOL

And speaking of balance brings thoughts of you to my mind. I never know what to call you, so I usually just call you Beth, or friend. You remind me that I am not Dave, or alien, or friend. The many facets of you that manifest themselves, remind me that I am all of those things wrapped into one. You as well as many others that I don't even mention here in this entry are a very special part of my life.

So mister alien, have you ever chased a dream? Sure I have. I just came to realize that to find that dream would not likely ever happen. And that is ok. After all, it was just a dream. And I have found many pieces of that dream in many people throughout my life.

Did you love that dream? Of course, it is easy to love a dream. And my dream never had a face, or a name though I always called her angel.

Isn't it kind of funny that sometimes when you don't look for something, that that is when you find it? Sometimes when you dont find a dream, the dream finds you.

I saw the face of my dream angel not in images. I saw that face in white letters on a dark blue page. I thought I would write about it here, and explain all of the reasons I recognized you my angel in letters of white on that blue page. I have changed my mind about that. I have told you instead. To the rest of the world, I just say I have seen the face of my angel. I have actually talked to my dream. And to you, my angel, you are no longer a dream. Though I hardly know you in the usual sense of knowing someone, that does not matter to me.

I always loved you. I just did not know your name. As for where it goes from here, I never dreamed of meeting you, much less past that point.

I personally will take care of today, and let tomorrow care for itself. I am satisfied just in the knowledge that I have actually seen my dream come true. That is enough for a lifetime. Past that point I have never been.

I have no idea what one does after they have touched the face of an angel. I love you angel, and have before I ever knew your name. You already knew that. And now so does anyone else who cares to know.

My angel has a name. I call her Ash.

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