Sunday, Jan. 19, 2003 - 3:27 a.m.

I think I said once in this diary that foresight was not one of my strongest attributes. I don't know if I should publicly confess my sins. When they are readily apparent, I suppose I may as well. Maybe it will make me appear noble. ~smiles~

Moderation is something I could use more of in abundance. I believe I have found a new love. I have a fotolog. I bought a webcam thinking I could use it for a little more "normal" mode of communication. I also thought, hey I have very few photos so I can use the cam to take some and post in the log.

Well, speaking of foresight, or rather the lack thereof, I quickly realized that I would not only want to post many pics of myself.

I asked a few people on dland if I may have fotos of them to post. I have gone a little wild tonight and posted a few. Quite a few people I have talked to seemed interested in taking a peek at those who write here.

So I will justify my zeal and think of my postings as a public service. Ah what a humanitarian. LOL

As many people here have become like family and friends, I have a request to make. If you would be so kind as to give me permission, I would like to have a face to go with the names and stories.

Anything I put there is with the permission of the picturee. I may come knocking on your door and ask you for one. If you would like, you can volunteer pics without me asking.

I just hope no one starts calling me an image ho. I do prefer the term photo pimp.



ps. I have added another fav entry from



Happy Tuesday birthday to roni.

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