Friday, Jan. 24, 2003 - 2:36 p.m.

Why are you not sleeping? Oh, you want to make an entry first. Well I doubt you will be able to say much coherent.

I put some new pics up in my fotolog. It is the big link up there on the top. You will recognize it because it says....fotolog...

I know some people have been wondering what z0tl looks like. Is he really this hot so cal jock, chick magnet on the outside too? So I asked him for a picture. Not just for that reason.

He sent me a picture. Now stop right there. Look at the words coming off my fingertips. Pay attention. I know you want to go look.

Just don't come whining to me about how I lied. Just like Pacino said in his coke dealer movie.... I always tell the truth. Even when I lie....

I also added a new favorite entry up there in the my favorites link. It is by Zoe. If you like music, you just might want to visit Zoe sometime. I wanted to link here. Instead, just hit fotolog, and there is a link to the very first entry made by z0tl. The pic you will see is what inspired his first entry.

And as for Zoe, see even if I didn't make links right here, I left you one to her in the my favorites link up there. So it only takes like one extra click to get there.

I added a picture of Carolina to my fotolog too. I like her more and more every day. She is fun to talk to, and the ims sometimes span three different languages... so far. haha She is allinonegirl. I am soooo going to have to come back and add links. I think it is my addiction. And I learned how to make them open in a different window.

Excites me.

Oh, you know what? Zoe who, right? Ok Zoe is jnickole.

I hope someone stops me before I put in something else I have to come back and add a link to. Like Maggie. That would be lever to you. She is just adorable. Her use of the English down under language is.... well if I were not so lazy right now, I would go copy any one of the notes she ever left me and you would see.

If you want to see anyway, there is a link to her in the my favorites too. l-e-v-e-r say it outloud lever, lever.

I have had a couple people tell me lately actually more than a couple. Tell me that I could read minds, maybe. I never knew I had that ability. I appreciate being told that. That certainly explains all the voices.

now i lay me down to sleep


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