Cards, and hair cuts.
Friday, Feb. 14, 2003 - 6:31 p.m.

You know, I read my last entry again, and something occurred to me. First of all, I usually apologize, and warn people not to bother reading when I write something like the last one.

So it must be that I am less concerned with what others may think about what I write in here. I suppose that is ok, or not maybe. Haha If I were always this undecided on things, I could not get dressed, as I would have trouble picking out my clothes.

I also realized that I had titled that entry Valentine's day thoughts, or something like that. The words I put there have nothing to do with what day it is.

So I ask myself....Self, why did you title that entry valentines' etc.? ....Self replies....I am not sure that it holds any more relevance than the thoughts occurred on this day.

I started reading diaries again. Not that I had totally stopped, just kind of. Most people seem to be quite happy today. I know of at least one that was not.

Is today about love? Or is it about candy, and cards? I am not sure of the origins of this day, although I heard an interesting history of its beginning last night.

I cannot remember how it went now, as I did not think there would be a test later. I do know that it involved Cupid, and he was a he, and he was gay.

I have to go get my hair cut, and then I think I may write an entry in here. Maybe about Valentine day. Then again, probably not.

I am done talking to myself now, as I am not saying what is really on my mind now anyway.

Oh, and I got some very nice cards e cards related to today. I was very surprised about that. I am not sure why I was surprised. Just caught off balance by it I guess.

Do you like the one you got in the mail yesterday? Seriously, in the US postal service mail. Like in the days of old when mostly only the spoken word was sent through wires.

It is just the greatest card that is not in the form of bytes, that I have seen. It is from a girl haha so politically correct the term girl. She is very lucky. She says I am very lucky.

There is a lot of "luck" going around here. Did I mention that this was just the perfect card, with the perfect sentiments. And how many things can be called perfect?

And you know what makes this one particular card stand out?

I do.

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