Deja vu from the z with a blue
Saturday, May. 24, 2003 - 1:56 a.m.

If I did not tell you this is - about you, it isn't.

How often do I look at you

and I do not see you are having trouble.

How often have I said things

that may cut like a knife.

I had a bit of insanity that

put me into a state that was not

a good one.

For that I am sorry. Since then,

nothing I have said or written was

meant to cause grief. I have had a

lot of things on my mind lately

regarding my health for the most part.

And yet have I sworn an oath to myself

to never intentionally hurt you or others.

For the longest time now, every thought

that has come out of my mind has been

of love even tho I wrap it sometimes

in a covering of sarcasm or pseudo anger

in a lame attempt at being humorous.

You mean more to me than I probably

have let you know. Your words have

been a very good influence on my life.

Your thinking outside the box has

left me with a feeling that it is not

me against the universe.

Like as if I had a fellow alien to fight

the struggle against the evil that

so often tries to control the lives

and thoughts of those who refuse to

accept the standards imposed by those

that cannot even clearly see themselves,

let alone the others they seek to control.

It is easy to step into the trap and

merely follow the herd in their headlong

rush into the great unknown. Being swept

along by winds created by minds that have

no interest in the well being of those so swept.

It takes courage to step off the beaten path

and follow ones own course. And in so doing

of course the wrath of those who would preserve

the norms and standards that are simply gray

and without the color one finds in thoughts

of individuality are sure to be incurred.

Therein lies the brutality of it all.

To be beaten about the soul with bruises that

do not show, and nevertheless may take their toll.

To serve no master that has less lofty ideals than

oneself is a noble and painful struggle.

And it is a lonely one, and yet to not do so

is to be dead already.

So though our paths and destinations may be different.

It is nice to know that from time to time they entertwine...

and to know the lines of communication are open.

Though it has been said that we are only textoids...

We are so much more in reality than this.

I have to say this to you...

I got your back homey, and no matter what anyone may think.

My loyalty will always lie with those that preach freedom and individuality.

And to anyone who does not care for this...


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