Googles and the real power rangers..
Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2003 - 9:11 a.m.

Ok, haha I have so many google hits, that it is just strange. I have used google to search for many things, and to me it is one of the more accurate at retrieving results that are relevant to my search terms.

Now my websites seem to be an exception to that. I have long since stopped being surprised at the vast number of people who search for alien porn. Kind of reminds me of the commercial with the female klingon in a poster and the one guy is asking the other one, hey, would you do her?

Come on now, I have been number one and down to number five so many times for alien and ralien related searches that it amazes me. Number one out of some searches anywhere from one hundred thousand to over four hundred thousand links, and my pages are number one.

Ha ha well it is nothing I can brag about or take credit for. I mean if anyone read my diaries from cover to cover, I think they would find that my alien porn and ralien entries are not very informative, or sensual.

Excuse me? Who is searching for dancing aliens? Ok seriously now, someone is reading this right now that searched for that. Or some of the other topics listed. Take a second, and go in my guest book, and tell me what it is that you are really looking for. I am curious.

The funny thing about the ralien searches to me is that the word is mispelled. The correct spelling is raelien. So maybe the ralien hits I am getting are because I am the only one writing about it with that spelling. No wait, actually then there would not be so many links.

Some one looked for google bombs. Only nine pages on the net show up for that one. Ok ok, enough about the google mania that has swept my mind. I wonder if you searched for... dancing alien porn with ralien google bombs... wow what a mouthful...I wonder if I would make the list.

Yes, he does know how easily he is amused. He being amused is an improvement over all the negative crap that I have been writing lately. Maybe the vitamin B is finally starting to kick in. Or maybe it is the morphine.

dcalien <------he is not really on drugs.

If you thought that, you are not alone. I could not remember a single thing about my job the other day. The management there just did not get it haha. I passed the test. And they do hair sample tests. I am amused that they wasted all that money. I am not quite so amused that I forgot how to do something that I have done in my sleep.

I am not upset about it either, I relearned it in about half an hour, and the brain has a funny way of remembering things that have a repeating pattern to them.

Sometimes I feel like the pinball wizard, only my blindness is not in my eyes, and it is not my ears that are deaf. Memories, sometimes they are hard to forget. Sometimes they are hard to remember.

At least I have my drivers license with a picture. I will never forget my name, or where I live.

And at work saying I did not remember how to do it, and then doing it well one half hour later, that is viewed as a possible drug or attitude problem. That I could actually forget, that is not even taken seriously. haha

Can you imagine that. Lucky for me, you probably cannot. If so, I might not be able to maintain my flashy lifestyle.

I am not going to comment on the war, as to whether it is right, or wrong. I just want to make a small comment on our wired society.

If you liked real world, or the Osbournes. If you like survivor, and cops. You will love the new mini series coming out on virtually every channel. It is called war, and it begins tonight at 8 pm EST. be sure to tune in, and see what war is like as viewed from your dens and living rooms.

To those who may have loved ones in harms' way, I offer my compassion. I know exactly how that feels. Some people will not come home standing up. I find no humor in this. Nor do I take comfort in the media circus that is about to take full action.

No matter what a person has for a political belief, let us not forget that many people some just barely out of school, and some for the first time in their life living away from the comforts of home are going to sacrifice their lives for us to believe whatever we will about it. Some it will forever change their lives though it does not cost them their lives. And no matter what the reasons, or the right or wrongness of the conflict, most of them do it with the thought in mind of protecting the freedom and the safety of those of us who are left behind.

Freedom is not free. Nor is safety. I am thankful to those who would risk all to keep the violence as far from our babies as possible. Yes I am aware that it will be in the back yards of innocent people. I am aware that our involvement in this war will be with the option to get up and go to the fridge and make a sandwich for many of us.

So I guess I just want to say that I am thankful to the men and women, and the families they have left behind. They will not so easily be able to switch off the ugliness with a remote. It does not matter to them whether this is a right or just cause. They will think in terms of surviving, and the what ifs of their families.

I would hate for any of them to feel they were alone in all this. That they were not appreciated.

May they have uninterrupted sleep, and may it be quickly that the hostilities cease.

And their loved ones filled with peace.

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