Missing you today.
Sunday, May. 11, 2003 - 11:46 a.m.

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

I know you are not here for me to visit, or call you.

I am saying happy M day to all the mothers who may read this.

I would want you to know mom that I am going to treat a mother to a special day today. Her son and I have this plan, and she does not know about it, although I think she probably can guess something is up.

So she gets pretty nails, and a nice dinner and a movie that she has been wanting to see. I know it would make you happy to know that.

You are the best Mother I could have ever had, and I wish I had told you that more. At least I told you a lot, and you knew how I feel about you.

I will be visiting you again some day, and that will be a nice reunion.

I love you Mom.

I miss you, too.

From you son, David

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