Without challenges, I think I would just evaporate.
Monday, Jun. 16, 2003 - 12:22 p.m.

I feel a little stronger today than I have for awhile. Though it is way past my bedtime. I am volunteering some of my time as a moderator of a chat room with the purpose of support for people with the same virus I have.

It has been a long time since I did volunteer work. I had forgotten how therapeutic it is, and how good it is to talk with people who are or have overcome something so serious.

I am starting a chemotherapy treatment this friday, and am not looking forward to all the side effects. I already have most of them before even starting. Wonder if I will go bald. LOL at least maintenance will be easy then. I guess I will be sick for the next year.

I already am except this will be worse. Imagine how much I will appreciate stopping treatment and regaining strength and health. Well that is the goal at least.

I was surprised to learn that I will be giving myself the injections at home. And pills that are supposed to make me hmmm let's see not so nice haha. The list of side effects for these meds sounds terrible.

I think getting started will relieve the anxiety of it all tho.

Ok, time for me to sleep. I hear I won't get much after friday. Yuck no wonder I will be possible less than pleasant at times.

I think the nice notes I have gotten are more valuable to me than ever before. Thanks for that.

I will be back to write here. Sooner than this last time I hope.

What if life was easy and everyone loved me?

Ha ha I would not have the appreciation I have for ease and love that I do now I bet.

I wrote a lot of what if's in my dcalienz diary today.

Hope I can figure out some of the answers.


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