Hits from the outernet. It's all so alien to me.
Saturday, Mar. 22, 2003 - 8:54 p.m.

If anyone has the ambition to make a bit of money with an internet site, I have stumbled upon a way. I have found a very large market.

Now if I knew how to set up a page for it, I would. I wish I could have a couple of bucks for every person that visits me looking for alien porn.

I click on the searches every once in awhile, and I have discovered that I am linked by some porn search engines now. I am so honored. Ok well maybe not. How about I am so educated.

Educated in the irrelevance of some search engines.

I can understand sort of how google can do this. A search engine dedicated to porn however? Maybe their dedication lies elswhere.

Yeah, does anyone have any naked pics of aliens. I think I need to post a few just to keep searchers of aliens from futility in their search. If I type alien hottie in here, I wonder how many will find it here.

Ok I think I better knock it off. There is a glow coming from over my house right now. I wondered what the hits from the outernet were about.

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