The seasons change.
Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003 - 10:25 a.m.

Grace and poise in the face of hardship and suffering and oppression.

Reminiscent of Royal family honor codes of days gone by.

What a beautiful thing to behold.

The ability to snatch beauty from ugliness.

To turn apparent defeat into victory, unflinching in the belief in the inevitable positive outcome.

To have faith in the surety of that which has not yet come to pass.

To be unwavering in the pursuit of ideals forged by integrity and honor.

To bridle the tongue from speaking in anger, and let freely flow words that heal and edify.

If my mind can conceive these things, then surely my life is capable of reflecting them.

Slowly opening to the light that once was allowed to pierce my soul and chase away the darkness that hides the scars of both self inflicted, and invited wounds.

I once lived a life very much in tune with these things.

It is of no importance to me to discover where I stepped off the path that once I trod.

May I warm myself by the fires that burn in the hearts of those who seek to build, and may I flee from the coldness that lies in the hearts of those who would destroy.

I desire once again to be one who offers shelter, and warmth, replacing bitterness and the chill so deep that I have allowed to grow in my soul.

It is time for me to step out from the winter that has encased me in ice, and into the new growth and rebirth of spring as I move toward the summer and fall of my life.

Time to leave death to those who are already dead, and rejoin the living.


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