Even blindness can be humorous.
Thursday, Apr. 03, 2003 - 10:10 a.m.

If anyone goes to this link and sees this, could you please explain the mathematics behind it? PS, I was able to get it to fail, with no trickery, only 1 percent of the time. pps perhaps the failure was my application of nine multiples.

I cannot remember who I have and have not asked. So please, do you see me begging here? I have a fotolog that contains primarily photos of people on dland. If anyone has a pic I could post there, I would appreciate it if you would let me.

If you are for whatever reason reluctant to do this, I would gladly post a pic of your animal, house, favorite whatever, if you feel it would be representative of you.

Oh yeah, if I have not asked you before for a pic, please forgive me, it is a reflection of a poor memory that I have from time to time. Well that last part is my opinion. :)

I plan to write a story or two about my past soon. Do you hear that dcalien? As dcalienz, I highly recommend it as it has proven useful in achieving a little more focus. Unless you prefer a fuzzy outlife on look.

Ok as Dave, I would like to see the rivalry between the two aliens cease, or at least be taken to the blue diary.

Stevie Wonder said..."I would drive myself before I would ride with a drunk driver."

A powerful statement on responsibility, and humor in the face of blindness.

He is blind for anyone that did not know that.

I too am blind much of the time.

Only my blindness does not prevent me from seeing.

Only from interpreting what I see, well.

I find that funny.

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