only one side of a box is free...the other side is a creativity prison.
Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2004 - 7:13 a.m.

When told to fit in...

I asked what size the box was.

then told comments such as that would not fit.

So returning to free range thought...I pondered the size thing.

When I ask questions about the box...I am told this is not fitting in. the box to contain something, or to exclude something.

being told the box concept had nothing to do with the project, I ask why the boxes are so ever present. Answer: that question does not fit in.

Fit in what? The box that is claimed to be non existent?

very well. then we have a parameter less project. Now we are getting somewhere.

Must everything have an edge?



and does it absolutely, positively, have to be there overnight?

then put it in a box.

does the answer have to be in sight for the question to be asked?

aliens need not ships to travel

nor does the world have to be round to sail it.

must we wrap our decision and lives in neat packages with pretty bows?

Captain Crunch is in a box.

Captain Destiny is in an idea that supports itself without the walls of a box.

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