Question this, dogg. What up?
Thursday, Apr. 24, 2003 - 3:39 p.m.

I was reading something about dentistry and such in my other diary. It really got me to thinking. The thing is, the more I think, usually the more questions I have, as they take less knowledge to come up with than answers.

So I came up with me some questions...

I decided to put them here and reference my other diary for some reason.

Did you specifically order the car you drive now, or have you ever? Or just get the one you have by chance encounter?

Do you live in the house of your dreams?

Is it at least one that you chose for reasons other than ones of chance?

If you could live anywhere in the world, is that where you live? If not, why not? How much part did chance play in this? Or circumstance?

Did you attend the schools of your choice?

Are you with the significant other of your choice?

Does your means of financing your dreams fit the description of what you would do with your life?

Did you plan much and make many preparations for your vacations? For your parties?

So how many of these things just kind of happened? How many of these things did you accomplish by just taking the easiest path?

Does your life run a course decided by reaction to circumstances?

No wait a minute here...

Do you live your life on purpose?

Yep, I asked myself all of this today.

I liked most of my answers.

Some of my answers have caused me to take a closer look.

These questions are important to me.

The answers to them are beyond important.

I think I prefer that my life not be something that happens on my way back and forth to work.

Or hey let me just cover it all.

Life it's what happens on your way from the delivery room to the mortuary.

I don't know about anyone else...

Any time I wait for things to happen...

They don't.

Any time I make things happen...

They do.

I just love it when mishaps happen.

That is when my life gets short circuited and I see a truer picture of it's status.

And the opportunity to turn a tragedy into a triumph that so far outshines the prior state...

Well that just trips my trigger.

Ya can't seek that which you already possess.

Ya can't mend what is not broken.

Ya can't start what is already finished.

Ya can't finish what never started.

Ya can't get anywhere without taking some steps.

Ya can't become what you already are.

Six can't's negative...let's drop the apostrophe...lets drop the t...forget about worn out phrases about no such thing as can't and other crap that allows me not to think cause I follow the semantic rules and stitch in time, penny earned, and you know what mr alien?

Metaphors are haha just kidding, and analogy is a wonder drug...

Only they are for expressions of thoughts, concepts, ideas.

Not rules for living.

Just as long as the only stupid question is not defined as the one I cannot answer, I will be happy. You know like someone who is content.

Oh if I were only an editor, I would chop some words. I am content with not being one though.

Ps. these questions are not rhetorical, alien. Not rhetorical answers please.

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