Cybertale of Discovery
Thursday, Feb. 06, 2003 - 5:13 p.m.

Once upon a time, there was this man. He lived in a world populated only by strangers.

Then one day this man had finished making a web page on his home server. So there was a feature there that allowed him to seek random web pages on his server.

One winter night, while the land was in the middle of a howling wind of a storm, and ice and snow were all about, this man decided to embark on a journey to far away lands.

As he travelled far and wide throughout the land, he began to tire, and sought shelter. He found himself in the land of Thai.

He approached a light that shined out from the dark storm. When he got to the gate, he found it was open, and there was a sign that greeted all visitors to enter.

Inside, he found a place of light, and warmth. As he looked around, he found many doors to other places. He discovered that he was the only one there, as the princess who lived there was away.

He opened all the doors he found there, and marvelled at the beauty of the place.

One of the doors led to a room where the princess recorded events of her daily life.

One of the doors led to a place called the land of blogs. And in the land of blogs, he found a city called Blog, Hot or Not.

He entered the city, and began to see many of the citizens there. It was a wondrous place, filled with every sort of folk.

He discovered a door in the city that led magically to another distant land. At first he thought the door said enter dairy land, and when he stepped in he found himself in a city called Wisconsin. A place of many dairies no doubt.

He never could remember the name of the citizen of Wisconsin. He entered a place called Guest Book, to leave a record of his passing this way.

When he got there, he found many travellers had been there before him. One of them left a record so intriguing that he felt he must go visit this land of Adumbration.

There he encountered many fascinating creatures, with names unlike any he had heard before.

Names like weeme, ciaramyst, mellanby, perceptionss, and subsequent.

I have looked through the mans' letters, and logs. Though his story does not end here, my telling of it does.

And I found this photo of that princess that introduced him to the world of online diaries. She has graciously granted permission for it to be posted in the land of fotolog.

She says it is her favorite. Coincidently, it is my favorite of hers too, with the flowers superimposed on it.

Thanks, Casey, thanks for everything.


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