Saturday, Feb. 01, 2003 - 7:27 p.m.

Dear Ciara,

Some diaries I read, and they make me feel good, or laugh. Some I read and it is all about pain, and misery.

For the most part, who ever writes here in dland stays pretty much the same. The happies, stay happy, with an occasional trip to gloom town.

And the pained, pretty much stay in pain, with an occasional departure to happy town.

So, it fills my heart with joy to see what has happened to one of the first diaries I have read here in dland.

That is your diary, Ciaramyst. I have read every entry you ever made. All 199 of them. I cannot say that about many diaries.

And I didn't read all of your entries because you entertained me. Although at times you did.

I remember when I first met you. I was a little put off with some of the things I saw in your diary. And yet, I saw a person, hiding a little behind a tough shield.

You are right, I saw beauty in you, and what you look like is not relevant. At first, I mostly saw people hate you, and wish you the worst kind of evil. Most of them faceless nameless cowards.

I would see you say you didn't care. I did not quite believe that.

Slowly I saw some love come your way. And I saw you take hold of your life, and begin a process of relearning how to live.

Now when you say the haters don't matter, I know it is true. You don't feel the need to be validated by others as much. While welcome, you know that you do not need the respect of others as long as you respect yourself.

That makes you a winner.

I will miss ciaramyst, even though I am glad you have the strength to kill her. I look forward to seeing the new Ciara. A ciara who sees the beauty that lives inside her.

-your friend dave

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