Death, birth, death, birth, death, birth.
Wednesday, Apr. 09, 2003 - 3:44 p.m.

Sometimes things end with a bang like the grand finale in a fireworks display. Like a horrible car crash that ends a life unexpectedly, and suddenly with no time to see it coming. Leaving in it's wake the endless questions of what if.

Like a shock to the system that cannot be prepared for by careful thought and planning of alternatives for that which is about to be lost.

Then there are those times when it is obvious that the end approaches, and when it comes it is merely the climax of that which is expected. Like a death at the end of a terminal illness. Only a question of when, and not one of if. A chance to prepare, and to partially at least make peace with the end in sight.

Then there are those things that end in a slow fashion with bursts of life, followed by ever increasing stagnation, and ever decreasing signs of growth. At times like the fullfillment of an obligation, or repayment of a debt. Leaving a satisfaction in a goal met, and a burden unshouldered.

An end is accomplished by design, with logical steps to it's conclusion and a certainty of it's completion with all the signs that the end is accomplished.

And what of the end of something brought about by apathy and neglect? No goal to reach. No plan to follow. Only the eventual awareness that no longer does it live in reality, other than in memories.

This is the scenario that is hardest for me to interpret, as it has no clear termination. It is only discovered to be at an end by circumstancial evidence. With no readily apparent reasons for it's demise.

I am thankful that I believe that the end of one thing is often accompanied by the beginning of another.

And when I die.

And when I'm gone.

There'll be one child born.

In this world to carry on.

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