Googles and Angels and Cowards, oh my.
Wednesday, Feb. 05, 2003 - 4:51 p.m.

Hmmmmm, google hits....raliens..more hits than i can remember. aliens..ditto. alien porn...a few. queen alien...a couple. power of a smile...a few. perceptionss...a few +. lyrics to songs...gazillions.LOL I know there are a lot more, I just remember these that come to mind.

So, a lot of the readers of my diary get there because they seek something specific.

Most of their searches that go to me, are not what they were looking for.

The exceptions to that would be the power of a smile search. And the lyrics used in a story search.

And the perceptionss search may have given a little on topic.

I think I will remove the top 100 thing from my diary. It is a little deceptive in its results. Unless the googles and yahoos count for something.

They count to me for fun, and curiosity. I have been tempted to write a few entries that would attract many of them. And to make a google bomb, just because I can. And to see what effect the bomb would have.

I am not though because I know it can decrease speed of access for others. And besides, I wouldn't want to increase bandwidth usage on dland just for my amusement. I figured out how to make one, and I don't need to test it to know it works. I tested a tiny bit of it, and now I get googled and yahooed more than enough.

Oh, site. When I started I wanted readers. When I got some, I wanted more. Then it became like a drug addiction for a bit. I figured out how to get people from dland to come and look at my words.

The fact is, I don't have all that much to say. And what I do have to say, probably wouldn't appeal to many.

And what is the point anyway? To get others to think that I must be something special? To be a star of some kind? Or just to put a positive spin on me?

I see no value in any of that. In fact if it perverted my view of my reality, then it is actually harmful.

I still want readers. Only I only really want a few. I mean, I don't care if I had half a million a day. LOL

ok I do cause that would mess up dland servers. :)

What I do mean by that is...I look at it like ms-ashlynn said in her reviewing the reviewers entry. Only the people that I truly care about are important. Any one else reading, uhhhh o k it is alright. Just doesn't mean much.

So anyhow, I have cut back my readers considerably. Some of it by conscious effort, haha or should I say conscious lack of effort.

I rarely now sign gb's or leave notes. It was, and is very hard for me to give up sometimes. It has been a long time since I signed one just to get someones attention.

Sure, I could get almost anyone to come and look at my words once. What is the point of that? I don't think there is a score sheet somewhere that allows hits to be redeemed for cash, or love, or friendship.

And I bet these long entries like this one really sort the curious from the interested. And probably test the devotion level of those who care about me as a person.

The nice thing about all that I am not writing trying to please anyone. Those numbers things can be distracting, to me at least.

Just the thought of posting this entry in my other diary, is distracting to me. No matter, I think I will. I wrote what I wanted to already anyway.

So, to anyone that has read this far, I ask you one question. ok I lied, maybe two questions. Is it live, or is it memorex? Are you now reading a real entry, or a clone, altered a little bit?

Nothing important to ask here. I am just amused by such trivialities.

I am going to ask for some help. I need haha need. Well I want to add some more buttons to my door page. But please don't send me instructions how to do it.

To do it I would need, yes, need someone to hold my hand, while I do it. Or I could ~choke~ give my password to someone and let them do it.

The layout Cindy made for me is way more complex than the one I got from Lex, and I don't want to mess it up.

And last but not least. Yes Virginia this entry does have an end. :))

Whoever the angel in training is that left the beautiful rose, and link to the words in my guest book, I want to say this. I don't know what attracted you to read my diary. Whatever it was, I hope I am still doing or writing or am just as attractive in the future.

If you are just an angel in training, you must be finishing the masters section, or the phd. You look just like a real angel to me.

Ok, one more thing. Someone left a link to porn in my guest book. That doesn't matter to me, no big deal. The one thing I didn't like about it is that they said it came from Beth.

Of course, being a COWARD (does the emphasis escape anyone?) they remain anonymous. I could care less if I was attacked. I can be pretty offensive to attackers of people I care about.

-dcalien, or is that dcalienz. :)

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