Never alone in a crowd, Nothing sometimes is good.
Friday, Mar. 07, 2003 - 10:18 a.m.

At first the news seemed to be the best thing he could possibly have heard. Nothing could be found that would indidcate there was a problem in any way.

Then It occurred to him that this kind of news left a question unanswered. If nothing was wrong, then how could he explain the strange events that had happened in the last year?

He questioned the Doctors about this, and as one question led to another, it was finally revealed that they had perhaps overlooked the results of one of the tests.

One of the more important of tests as it turned out. He tried to be angry, that such a haphazard approach had been taken towards the matter of his health.

It was not possible though, as he could not escape the thought that anger was only a side trip that lead nowhere. And now it seemed he had to travel a road that would require his attention.

As was his custom when things of great importance were to be considered, he started with the two ends. One the best possible results, that led to the most favorable of circumstances. The other end of course was the worst possible turn of events that led to the most devestating of ends.

This was fairly easy to do, as it ususally is. He reminded himself that it was not very often, almost never actually that a look forward to an uncertain outcome fit either of it's extremes.

And the times that the result had been seen in accurate detail, it was ususally the better of the two possibilities.

That is the way worry seems to work. What ever he was tempted to worry about, almost never reached the point where it was the worst possible outcome. And actually more than once, the best that could happen was usually nothing.

So for starters, nothing was historically speaking the most likely outcome between the two choices.

Of course that is when the outcomes are limited to only two. Reality had shown him that likely the results would lie between the two.

She said to him that no matter what the results were it was going to be ok. What a wonderful way to view things. Yes he agreed that regardless, he would make the best of it.

After all, he knew that worry is just a facet of fear, and fears only seemingly useful purpose was as a warning.

Time for warning is now past. Time for results are now here. He thought about how strange it was that he could be surrounded by people, and still be so alone. He was thankful that because of her, he was never truly alone.

He had judged rightly about her. She was exactly what he thought she was. He would want her to know that. He would probably tell her.

Yeah, sometimes nothing is the best thing. Something can be trouble. Never being alone even when no one around it seemed to him to be a comforting thought.

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