Here King...good dog.
Monday, Mar. 24, 2003 - 8:20 a.m.

My second oldest memory? Hmm Ok, I think yeah. I have debated on this one. It is the timing that I am unsure of.

I remember bits and pieces of this. A taxi came to my house which I do not remember. The house that is. My mother and I got into the taxi with a couple of suitcases, and it was at night.

We went to someone's house who I do not know. It was a man and his wife that lived there. He was a policeman and I remember his uniform a dark blue one. I remember he had a gun in a holster. It was a revolver. I knew this because I can't ever remember not being around guns til after I left home.

Then I remember taking a bath in a tan colored bathtub. That is all I remember about that night. I think I was about five years old.

I asked about this night years later, and I was told that my mother had left my father that night, and took me with her to a friends house. I was told that my mother was having an affair with the policeman. I would not know, though it seems strange to me that we would go to his house where his wife and he lived.

I don't really know much about my mother, cause she died when I was six years old. In fact she died ten days after my sixth birthday.

Usually when I talk about my mother, I am not talking about her, I am talking about the one who took her place.

Wow, haha I am writing my life history, or at least a part of it from the beginning as I remember it.

Unless I change my mind, I will write about me learning to drive from my mom. I was five plus some when that happened. I will save that for another time.

I always wanted to write about my life in the past. I just forgot that I wanted to until just this week. I never did before because it seemed like a lot of work for a story that would probably be of interest to no one but me.

I did think for awhile that my children would be interested in it. That was because I thought they would be interested in the same things I was as a child.

I used to ask about a gazillion questions from all the older folks, until I knew the story of my family back several generations by heart.

It actually fell to me to be the one who would tell the stories of days gone by. Stories of my ancestors. I put most of it away from the daily thoughts of my mind when I found no one interested in hearing them anymore.

I have been thinking about them a lot more this week, and I don't know if they are interesting to anyone else. I just know I seem to have a compulsion to finally write some of them down.

Maybe I will write them here. Maybe I will use my other diary for other things. Maybe I will not mention this again in here.

I am king of undecided right now.

Long live the king.

This food is fit for a king.

Here, King.

Good dog.

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