Dear Diary, look at what I have found.
Tuesday, Mar. 04, 2003 - 6:17 p.m.

Ok if you like to read fluffy, and it makes your head hurt to read things that induce reflection, you may not want to check on this. Honest, I am not trying to be clever here. I just cannot think what to say about this.

I keep going to this diary, with the intention of reading all of the back entries, so I can catch up. Instead, if I read more than one, I am not able to digest what I have read very well.

The words found here are....hmmm I will not try to define them. Go see for yourself.


Yeah, I am very impressed with the concepts I find there. ok, I will stop now. I have not been paid to say these things. Not that that is the reason I am stopping now.

I have not made any snowmen. That does not change the fact that I am very very happy right now.

Does frying chicken breasts in olive oil make them an unhealthy type of food? I usually bake or boil them. I just could not see throwing out that oil when it was warm right there in the frying pan.

The sandwiches made from that frying frenzy were delicious.

Food.....a lot of people are interested in food. I am learning to be.

Dear Diary,

I want to thank you for not rejecting any of the things I write in you. All you do is listen and record, without even making a comment. I like the comments I get from people. Not just the ones that agree with anything I write.

Tomorrow is a big day? My Granny used to say that to me. Did you have a big day, Davey? I love her. Maybe tomorrow is a big day. Maybe even a life altering one.

Then again, maybe it is only wednesday. And you know what my dear diary? Other than me only one person on earth knows what I am talking about. I would tell you, only you don't keep secrets very well. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Maybe I will tell cryptically in my other diary about these matters.

Bye for now.

Dave (optimistically speaking)

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