Homeland Security, may it be strong.
Thursday, Mar. 20, 2003 - 7:50 p.m.

I will be very busy for at least a few days. I worked a lot last night, and then slept for a long time. I am required to work without a day off now for an undetermined number of days. Ha ha I hope it is days, not weeks, or months.

At least so far they have not told me that I cannot go home, so I will be able to read a little, and write a little.

Just when I was starting to enjoy my life a little my life has become work. Maybe I can do something nice for myself with the billions I will earn from working non-stop.

I do not remember the last time I saw so much CNN. It plays at work non stop, and now I find myself turning it on, and falling asleep to it even.

As I see the developements in Iraq, I cannot help but think of Sept. 11, and my mind wanders to those who were affected by that day. Though the focus was primarily NYC and Washington, and Pa. The events of that day rippled through our society like a stone dropped into a pool of water.

So far this conflict has stayed pretty much in the region of Iraq. We have so far been able to keep it from our streets. The protests against this has produced some interesting signs.

Yellow ribbons and words of support for the troops involved in combination of disdain for the action.

My thoughts are with those around Iraq, on all sides of this, while my attention is fairly focused on the potential targets in the country where I live.

As much as I dislike what is happening right now, I found myself wishing I was there last night. At least with the technology available today, it is almost as if I were.

Enough about this. I may not be able to take my mind far from this though I can quit writing about it.

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