Lost and found and other news.
Wednesday, Mar. 12, 2003 - 6:50 p.m.

Elizabeth Smart is alive and apparently well. I know I rarely comment on news. She was kidnapped from Salt Lake City, Utah maybe eight or nine months ago.

I do not have the facts, I just know it is considered unusual to find a kidnap victim alive after this much time has passed.

She was fourteen years old when she disappeared, and is now fifteen.

I love news like this.

Hey why not. I am on a roll now. In other news, there is a gas station in San Diego, California that is selling gas for four dollars and hmmm. See this is why I don't write much news. More than four dollars a gallon at any rate.

Maybe CNN management will read this and offer me a job in their news writing department. I am sure that most of the staff for CNN reads my diary.

I am missing some of my friends. That is not news. Actually the news portion of this entry has ended.

Yay Elizabeth Smart. Welcome home.

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