Scary trail? A peek at the future.
Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2003 - 7:43 p.m.

Some times, I wonder what is going to happen in the far future. It is fun to think of all the possibilities.

Sometimes I wonder what is happening next.

Last night with no advance notice, I was informed that I had nothing to work on as my job had just been eliminated.

This is the second time this has happened where I work in about four months. With tongue in cheek, I asked them if I needed to find employment elsewhere.

I knew it was my work that was done, not me. I think they would have something for me to do as long as I want. So I found something totally different to work on, and was left alone.

I will miss the robotics for a bit. They are not gone, just being reborn. In the meantime I have gotten my fingers into a machine that vaporizes aluminum in a vacuum. Not literally of course. My fingers are still attached.

I started this entry saying that some times I look into the far future as fun. That is true. There are other times that I look there, and it isn't fun. There are times when I see the darker possibilities.

I am a person that usually sees the glass half full. For the sake of reality, I am aware that it is sometimes half empty.

You know, lately I have looked at my future, and I have seen both sides. I don't want to change my present. I want to see a future that allows me to hold all the things that are dear to me.

I have not been happier, that I can remember, than right now. So it is only natural that I want to hold everything as it is. I would not want to lose a single thing.

I know things will not stay as they are. Circumstances never do remain static for long. I know I will do everything in my power to craft my own destiny.

Even for someone who tends to view the positive side of things, the future can be a scary place. After all, it is not familiar. Like the present. Or the past.

I know one thing that makes any fears that the future may spawn in my heart. I know that I enter the future one step at a time. And I see the path I am walking into the future on, is not all that scary. In fact I very much like the trail I am on.


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