Weather, Food, Privacy, Food, and Girlfriends.
Saturday, Mar. 15, 2003 - 6:00 p.m. almost :)

The sun is shining a lot where I live right now. The temperature is higher than it has been for months. I am glad about all of this. I would like to get outside and enjoy it. Hard to believe I am just now waking up from last night.

I miscalculated the earnings I will receive from working last night. I over estimated by several million dollars. I hope no one said they knew me to impress others about knowing someone so rich.

This is going to be a good day even tho it is almost over. Ok then a good night instead. I am going to fix a big dinner and eat well for a change.

Now this is quite exciting reading is it not?

I am going to limit my personal contacts on line I think I believe I will write personal things in here. Not so much in private any more though.

I have found that things spoken in private are sometimes not left that way. Funny most people probably learn this sooner than I have.

I am very trusting. I guess I want people to be certain ways so much that I easily choose to believe they are. I suppose I have known better for some time. Not really just learning it now. I know I will still be trusting in the future.

Ok enough negative. I have written so much negative lately, that it stinks haha. I am done being like this. I am going to just put it out of my mind, and move on to better things.

I am going to eat the best meal later tonight with my friend. She has told me how to fix it.

I am learning how to cook from her. She has been referred to as being my girl friend. I do not really mind that, only we do not call her that. She is not really my girlfriend. I don't really have one. Calling her that would not change the way I feel about her, or the way she feels about me.

I do love her and she loves me, and that is more than some have that label themselves as gf bf. The only reason I mention this is that if I do not, it is like I am agreeing with the labeling of her that way, and it would feel dishonest to me.

Ha ha I do not think labels such as this are a bad thing by the way. It is just not something we are doing.

Oh yeah, I am not going to stop writing. I am not going to lock my diary either. I woke up and got control of myself. haha Better not to write in the heat of hmmm whatever.

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