Liver and onions and Morphine. Oh my.
Friday, May. 16, 2003 - 4:10 p.m.

Yay, I have finished with my last surgery and though I am currently iv'ed with morphine, I am in less pain than I have been for a month, and I will be able to stop taking drugs in two more days.

Ha ha, I hope I don't have to go to rehab after all this is over.

As of this monday coming up, I will have no more stitches in my body, and a lot has happened in a short time, though it is all almost over except for the treatments I have to take.

At first glance, it looks like my liver is in better shape than I was afraid it might be, and I may only have to take interferon for six months instead of one year.

It looks likely that I contracted this liver disease from a surgery that I had in 92 which means I may have only had it for like eleven years instead of back in 68 which would be a lot of years of damage.

Pamela has been taking very good care of me, and I got to eat solid food today for the first time in a bit. I still cannot go to work yet though it looks like I will be able to this Monday.

I hate all the negative things I have been saying lately, and I find it strange that drugs which normally would make a person mellow have made me into a moody monster.

Ps. Morphine seems to be a happy drug for me. Ha ha, still I do not want to ever see a drug again in my life. Think I hit the bottom and am back on the way up.

I am ecstatic about all this. I think it is not just the morphine.

Ok, thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes, and I hope to thank you personally by Monday, but for now, I think I will give my ribs a rest. They went in between two of them to get to the liver, and even with morphine, I can tell where the path was. My face and side are looking pretty bruised, so no pics for me now haha.



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