Thanks. I really appreciate your love.
Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003 - 10:54 a.m.

Wow, I got so many notes, and gb entries, I would be up half the day thanking everyone for the nice things said about this layout.

I just can't do that. I have to take care of my health, and that involves sleeping.

As I read through all the words left here for me, one thing kept coming to mind. It wasn't me that made this, and I hope everyone knows that Cindy made it at Studio Loo. There is a link there on this page.

As much as I appreciate the compliments, they should really go to her.

I had a few ideas, and Cindy took them. I pretty much turned her loose, cause I didn't want to interfere with her artistic side.

I love the doors link page. I tested everyone of them, and I know this may sound goofy, it just seemed a little different using them instead of the dland links.

I want to add some more doors on that page. I just gave Cindy a few of them at a time, so they would more personally fit the place they open into.

So there will be more a few at a time. I think some times about all the people that read me, and that I read. I started out being able to keep up with all my favs. every day.

I can't possibly do that anymore. I know if there was someone who I cared about, and I thought they had forgotten me, I would be a little sad.

I would not want to do that to anyone. I am afraid I have spread myself to thin. So, yes I care about everyone that I have listed as a favorite, and some I don't have listed. And it matters to me that you don't think I forgot you or don't care.

See, I can't really forget if I have it in writing. And as much as I care about the feelings of others whose lives I have involved myself with, I have to first care about me. And I have to take care of me.

Two months ago, or around that, I just started a Diary here, and it wasn't that I wanted to die. It was just that I wondered what I was living for.

So the last two months for me have been a ride on a rocket. So I just have to take a little grip on the controls, so I don't crash and burn.

In this place, I have found friendship. And I have found love. And I have found more of it than I could possibly personally respond to.

So if you think I have forgotten you, just poke me with a stick, and say hey..I thought we were lovers..or what ever. ~smile~ I have that happen some times, and I don't mind, I like it.

I read every single thing that is written to me, and if I don't, or didn't respond to anyone, the best I can do, is to say thank you right now.

My alter egos, dcalien, and dcalienz are telling me this is too long of an entry. So I better listen to them. I stop now. -dave

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