Rebirth and Reunion
Saturday, Oct. 07, 2006 - 3:52 a.m.

I washed away my pain
I washed away my troubles

It was painless
It was cleansing
It was trouble free

I saw the light and did not go toward it
I embraced the darkness
I saw the lightning as it accented the thunder
I felt the gentle rain on my upturned face

I experienced unearned grace
I yearned to find my place
I disappeared without a trace
I return home with no disgrace

The winds of change have brought me purpose

My memories are no longer old and stale
Rather they have been joined with new and fresh ones

I have been found by old familiar faces
Reunions and laughter fill my days and nights

Soon I will board an aircraft that will carry me to sandy shores and once again be face to face with my youngest son

I have walked in the jungle with my youngest daughter, and oldest son

I have heard the laughter of my elder daughter

I have captured the smiles of my long lost grandchildren, mine to gaze upon at my whim

I have reached the pinnacle of my wildest dreams

I am thankful


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