Thursday, Jan. 23, 2003 - 11:18 a.m.

Thanks for all the hugs. I probably should have put more info in my last entry. I am just mourning a little over a few people that have passed away

like my mom, and an old time friend.

And a couple of friends here, one lost a close friend, and one a mother. Mourning is ok, in fact it is necessary for me at least.

And when anniversaries of passing come from special people in a life. Shouldn't they be remembered. Then they still live in a way.

Maybe mourning should be a little more private. I don't know. I don't apply many rules to myself in here. Sometimes I forget that others read this. Not because I am not reminded. Just sometimes the passion of a moment can be strong enough to erase all traces of shame, or etiquette, and protocol.

I never read a book or took a class on publicly read diaries. If there were too many rules about them I wouldn't have one anyway. Sort of like the review thing.

The world is full of organizations and people who feel the need to impose rules on others. While I am not opposed to legitimate authority, I cherish freedom, and believe without it life has no meaning.

So if you are a person that prays, maybe say a little one for those that have lost loved ones. If you believe in a god. Then I would think that god would know who you pray for even if you don't. I pray for a couple of children who have lost their mothers. And for mothers and fathers who have lost their children. And for a friend who has lost a friend.

And the world keeps on turning, and as my Australian friend Maggie wrote so beautifully once....Someone is working in their garden -lever....someone has left this world.... someone is searching.... someone is being born... someone is smiling. -dave

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