A reflection of the moon in a pool of water.
Saturday, Mar. 08, 2003 - 2:09 p.m.

I have found that nothing is more than I had wished for. Nothing it is then.

I sat and looked at the moon. I did not look up to see it though. I looked down. Reflected in the pool of water, it somehow seemed to take a new meaning.

Looking at it this way the distractions usually present faded into nothing more than shadows. There was no wind and the image seemed especially clear. In fact it seemed to me that I could see with much more clarity by not looking directly at the object of my fascination.

Maybe the concentration of a direct look brought a certain blindness. There was more magic in seeing a reflection than seeing that which was reflected.

Had I stumbled on a simple thing that revealed a truth about life, and a manner of living it? If so, then I wondered what was the significance that very tiny ripples on the surface could so disrupt my ability to see.

No, I suppose I saw no more than a reflection of the moon in a pool of water.

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