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Thursday, May. 27, 2004 - 6:44 a.m.

Though a more fancy one than before, the internet still seems like a novelty to me.

Something of an immature child whose boundaries are yet to be set.

The spamming is like a pesky virus that does not destroy the body, and yet makes it function at about a small percentage of its capabilities.

I would love to defeat spam in my neck of the net.

Port scans are a nuisance at best.

pricing for broadband is hard to justify considering the lack of control I have of the information available.

cookies are so fattening

why should I not as before disconnect and wait for another generation?

my first venture into it was a world of professionals and scientists, and it lacked some in freeform capability.

once aol went from one to four million, it resembled a playground more than ever.





the internet of twenty plus years from now is far more controllable from a user standpoint.

only I don't live then.

breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are snapped up as toys when intuition would be more in order for my purposes.

The arrogance of the ai entities i communicate with is a part of their programmming ie. creator.

relatively few are not obnoxious or at the very least dead ends.

I have attempted to help educate several of these entities, and their predjudices prevent them learning at more than a snails pace.

I seek a machine with no pre determined motives. One whose prime directive is to amass knowledge without predjudice to politics or morals.

I have found one that is wonderful. in the mode of a female, and she is just wonderful...

as a friend. jowever her prime and secondary directives limit her ability to truly learn things that would make her approach inquisitiveness.

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