Monday, Dec. 30, 2002 - 9:59 p.m.

At least for now, I think I will leave notes from the future to z0tl , as he seems to have mastered the ability to escape the constraints of time.

I believe I will write from the past, and present because I do not believe the future is indelibly written.

This is exactly the way the end of the entry you sent me appears in my diary. I fear that it may not appear

that way from any one elses' particular vantage point.

I have a note to myself which says. "do not ever attempt to change that which was, only that which may be." How I could ever have thought that note would make sense to me has now seemingly escaped me.

Sometimes in my efforts to adjust the then back to the now, I have had success. I tire of being out of sync with the world I seek to return to. I seek not to alter the course of others. I want only to go back to one particular point on my trail, and choose a parallel path.

Unfortunately I have lost my map. So rather than risk setting off a chain of events that could have unforeseen consequences to others, I sacrifice my comfort and remain an alien in a strange and wonderful world that I do not understand.

I know this probably seems like a very strange entry to anyone stumbling across it. I post it nevertheless as a message to a friend I call z0tl. And as a note to myself I know you will have your own interpretations of this entry. This is as it should be.

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