Beautiful words from a beautiful person.
Sunday, May. 11, 2003 - 5:57 p.m.

She told me I was her best friend. And how much she appreciated me. She could have said it in person. She could have told me on the phone.

She left me a voice mail instead. She thanked me for my patience, and the way I understood when she is moody. Then she said welcome to the family.

Then she said she would see me later.

This was meant to be a day that I would make special for Pamela. For mothers day. Like I used to do for my mom.

This day had something else in common with the days when my mom was alive.

It is a day that was special for me, maybe more than for the target of my affection.

With her eyes in person, and her facial expressions of surprise and thankfulness, she was beautiful today. Every day really.

With her words, she was more beautiful still.

I understand why my appreciation for her grows every day. I love you Pamela. And I love you mom.

I know it is not true, though I wish every mom could feel that today and every day.

It may be Mother's day...

it feels like it is my day.

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