Hatred = Ignorance. Ignorance = hmm ?
Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003 - 8:22 a.m.

I did not plan it. I am glad it happened though. I missed making an entry in this diary yesterday. The thing I find funniest about it is that I never even noticed it until today.

I had such a streak going, that I just could not bring myself to not making a mark, just for the sake of making a mark.

That seems kind of pathetic, to me...like imposing some rule like that and knowing that there was no good reason for it. But who am I to judge whether it is pathetic or not?

I will just leave the judging to someone else. Feel free, fire away, or throw me a life preserver.

Maybe I will just write in here when I have something I want to put here now, rather than just to do it.

All this time with all these entries, and I still do not really know what I am going to do with this diary. Or is it a journal, or is it a log? I made an entry about that in my other diary yesterday.

I just want to say something, and I have not figured out how I want to put it, so I think I will just put it like this.

I grew up with my father taking every group of human beings, in what ever way humans can be classified. Ie...Race, religion, social status, educational level, ya ok, get the point?

Maybe I haven't made this perfectly clear, so let me begin again.. Ahem...basically if you were not him, you were not much really.

So I suppose I should give him credit for being non-discriminatory in his equal opportunity hating. He hated everyone, and caused trouble for anyone that happened to cross his path, or thoughts.

He had quite a few redeeming qualities, among them, the ability to recite verbatim any book he ever read. At least that is what he claimed, and I never saw him fail when challenged on it.

He spoke a few languages, and he was quite an inventor.

So I could never resolve in my mind, how anyone could be so intelligent, and at the same time be such a blind ignorant asshole.

Yeah, that is what I said, asshole. I mean to take any group of people, and say that they are identical in every way, without exception, does not seem like an informed opinion to me.

Nor does it seem to me to be an opinion based on logical thought. Of course, what do I know, I after all was not him, and therefore by that reason, could not be expected to know much.

I read a diary yesterday, that talked about Canadians, and I will not repeat it. I will say however that basically Canadians are uneducated. Destroyers of the environment. And most importantly, worthy of disdain. In fact the entry was about reasons to dislike Canadians.

You know, it reminded me so much of my father. I left a note in the guest book basically stating that I disagreed with it only of course being their diary, I would not begin to challenge any of their points there.

I of course heard well it is my opinion, and my diary, and I have a right.....ya ya ya. Duh, I know that, and said so basically in my note. Hey, I will go you one further, I would risk my life, just so you had those rights.

So I suppose I must have pretty much the same rights in here hmmm. And I am entitled to my opinion as well as then next person, right?

I am not going to challenge any of the points of the trash words I read in there, because it is not my place. This is however, and I think such hate mongering is ignorant, and speaks volumes about the purveyors of it.

Ok, so that is the extent of what I have to say about it. If anyone finds this offensive, I say go ahead and exit here, and find you a spot, and tell the world about it.

Or of course you could leave some of your hate in my guest book, or notes. Of course if you do that, I would imagine you would probably be such a coward as to not identify yourself. And that would be just fine too. Since I would not probably respond to you anyway. I cannot even respond to all the people that leave love in notes for me.

Of course maybe I could if I did not waste my time by writing about what I consider to be garbage in here. It is not the norm for me, and why am I explaining that? If you know that, then you do. If you don't know that, Hey, you don't know, so base your opinions on ignorance like I do. Haha I think I sound so confrontational here. I cannot take any more of it. LOL

I am done. Waste of time? I don't know. At least I had something I wanted to write about.

ps. If you got this far, then you may have noticed some typos, like then instead of the... I just left it in there so you would be so hung up on it that your mind had a little less time to hate. Am I powerful or what? Careful, wouldn't want to waste enny moor uv yur tim rite?

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