Happy Valentines Thoughts
Friday, Feb. 14, 2003 - 9:16 a.m.

My dear mister z0tl,

I found a lot I like in your poetrixes. I found one that I believe is written to me. I am so vain I bet I think that entry's about me bout me bout me.

You are welcome in my house, I only ask that you not look in my underwear drawer.

Feel free to look about the medicine cabinet however, and please do not vent the dome, as the outcyanide air is toxic to all things living.

There are times when the only way I seem to be able to focus is to wander through your planes.

I laugh.

From a distance, I am pitied as one who is mentally ill. If stability is the answer, what is the question.

If pride in ownership is the prize, what is the contest.

If something free is possessed, then what price freedom? If something is found in abundance, does that make it's value less? Is it intrinsically so, or only an imposition of a thankless character.

Does the fact that something is harder to acquire make it's value more?

Can it be easy, and still be worth it?

If popular opinion holds no weight, is it also valueless? And does a wrong premise have to lead to a wrong conclusion?

If it doesn't matter is the answer, then what is the question?

Can comfort be found in equations and formulas?

Does the existence of an answer imply that a question must exist?

Is it possible that there are multiple answers to all questions ever posed? Could they ever all be correct?

If hindsight is twenty twenty, what values can be assigned to presence of mind?

Is it just possible that every question asked can be answered with mathematics? Can statements be broken down to such minute levels that they can be represented digitally, thereby being subject to a formula that would lend itself to problem solving?

If wondering all these things is not the norm, then what limits if any should one place on wondering. If it is the norm, does that give it a greater value than wondering outside the norm?

Is it easier to classify, and categorize abstract ideas than visible ones?

If you were to sum up all of these words into one sentence or a few, would it be worth putting it in writing?

Can something be mine, and yours at the same time? Can friendship be tried and tempered without misunderstanding, and hardship?

If because is not really an answer, then what is not really a question?

Dave (just wondering)

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