An embarrassment for who?
Tuesday, May. 11, 2004 - 8:07 a.m.

I am actively paranoid. People are plotting against me. It is called an anxiety disorder. I call it reality.

If you were a private detective I could call you a private dick.

Since you work for the state police, I guess I could just call you a public dick.

Did you start your career with the thought in mind of finding justice and righting wrongs, and protecting the innocent?

When did you settle for starting with a premise and observing the facts surrounding the premise. Were you taught to adjust the facts to fit the premise?

To embellish the facts that support the premise, while subverting the discovery process to gag the facts that do not support it?

When did your goal in life turn to one of making neat packages by chopping off material that detracted from them?

Is it the neatest package the final goal, with no regard to whether it is an accurate package?

deceipt no matter how well prepared, or neatly prosecuted is still deceipt.

YOU would BELIEVE anything I told you if it were the things you wanted to hear.

When I say I will think about it...

How did you translate that into we had an arrangement, and that now I have changed my mind?

And is it not ironic that the subject here is one of determining truth.

Your methods are not capable of doing that, as have been proved to me by their failure to clear me.

But there we go about false premises. Mine that you sought the truth. Yours that you had the truth.

False premises followed logically to their conclusions result in falsehoods as surely as going west on a road will always take you to thesame destination.

Perhaps you should try a different road. One that leads to different conclusions. Or do you find that disturbing?

I reccommend using mathematics...

see what adds up and not.

Then here is the big step. Do it without predjudice as to what your answer may be.

Try the honor road.

Unless of course you have a comfort zone that follows the more easily travelled road to self grandification.

I know what I am made of.

If you did know that it would make a difference.

I also have many surprises for you if it goes that far.

I have documentation that would glow if kept in the dark.

Harrassment is a subject better learned about academically than through experience.

Which ever side of it you are on.

perhaps a bit of torture would help you bring about your desired result.

Lots of luck with that.

Feed my resolve if you must.

Remember the witnesses after the fact.

Unless of course you have figured out how to silence them.

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