Set me up for failure please.
Sunday, Jun. 22, 2003 - 4:42 a.m.

Just because I don't like the things you say or do...

Does that indicate there is something wrong with me?

I hope I never get to a place where I am never wrong.

Remember when I said I am always positive?

Remember when I said I love everyone?

Remember when I said I would accept any kind of treatment from you?

I don't remember saying any of that either.

I am not really like you think I am.

You only draw me that way.

So when you think I have changed, or somehow been exposed for who I TRULY am...

Could it be you have been artistically flawed?

Or do I have to be wrong?

I know/knew who I am/was.

You just thought you knew.

Most folks probably have enough flaws of their own...

without being assigned others by those that don't have the information to assign them.

I don't write things here, or ask questions in dcalienz that have no meaning.

Sometimes a word has more than one meaning...

Don't beleive it?

Look up set in the dictionary.

Now I did not say look upset...

I did not mean look upset...

Just look up the word...

You may find a key there to meanings

When you look at something tho, remember this...

Up close enough, an elephant looks like a wall.

Step back a bit and it looks like an elephant.

Step far enough back and it looks like a speck of dust.

So see things as you will.

If you want to get the big picture tho...

Maybe you want to have more than one perspective on it.

Set in my ways

Set like cement

Set the stage

Set up a tent

Set of rules

Set by you

Set it down

All set?

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