Sleep interrupted
Tuesday, May. 13, 2003 - 6:09 p.m.

Ginger just called and woke me up. Said she was not able to reach Pamela, and wanted to check on me to see if I was doing OK.

Then she told me tales of our adventure yesterday that I was unaware of. Seems after I appeared to wake up, she took me with her for two hours in her car to run some errands so I would not be alone.

I remembered none of it except the part where I awoke long enough to find her feeding me water in the car.

She told me that we had a short conversation right after my surgery which I did not remember. The funny thing about it is she said as I could not speak at the time that we spoke by using ASL which is American Sign Language.

I was never very good at it, and had not used it for years. I used to be learning it a long time ago and it was because my fiance was learning it when she was a young girl.

I was her bus minister and sunday school teacher at the time. Ha ha and she was of course not my fiance at the time.

She is the girl I wrote about that has been a missing person. And no, she has never been found.

Now I find myself in a rather similar situation, though there are many differences.

Ginger said when she went to fill my prescriptions she did not know which of several pharmacies to go to and that once again we spoke in her car using ASL.

The mind is a strange thing. I have no idea how to use this language right now, as I never knew it well, and have not kept up practice, and yet...

Here I was barely conscious, and with no memory of it, and she said I used it to communicate with her.

Amazing what the mind is capable of when needed. I wonder what else I could do if I had to.

Ok back to bed with me as my "mind" is being less than wonderful again, and not even able to keep the room from spinning right now.

Oh yeah, Ginger says she paid for my scripts, and I asked her what did I owe her.

"A million dollars" she said.

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