Friday, Jan. 03, 2003 - 8:38 p.m.

I'll always remember the song that was playing, the first time we danced and I knew.

-Anne Murray

We were about 9 years young when I first layed eyes on her. My family had just moved to Michigan from Alabama, and we were going to spend the New Years Eve with one of Mom's friends.

I asked if they had any kids. Oh, one girl living at home I found out.

That evening started something I would never have imagined at the time. She and I took to one another like soup and sandwich. We studied together, and we played together. We even got lost in the woods behind the house one night, and worried our parents silly.

We shared our hopes, and our dreams. In today's terms, we were dawgs. This went on for about 4 years.

She asked me to a dance. I told her I would go, but I didn't want to look stupid, and didn't know how to dance. She told me that she would teach me, and we better hurry, cause we only have two weeks to learn.

I don't really remember the songs that were playing when we danced in practice. I know we laughed and hugged a lot for those two weeks, practicing every night.

Well the big night came, and dance we did. We laughed a lot that night. And when the last dance came, she was not the same girl I had known before that night.

I saw her through different eyes that night. That dance. I don't know the song that was playing. I do remember the way she smelled. And I remember the way we held each other close. And I remember getting lost in those beautiful eyes.

The next 5 years brought us ever closer. Bonded by love. Bonded by friendship.

Then she went off to college, and I went to make war. I never saw her again. Sometimes I remember our tears when we parted that final time. Though mostly I remember the song that played in my heart the first time we danced.

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