The whole truth, or at least part of it.
Monday, Feb. 24, 2003 - 8:42 a.m.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The soft, jazzy voice of Norah Jones inviting listeners to "Come Away With Me" swept up eight Grammy Awards at Sunday night's top music industry awards....

I purposely do not say much about the news events of the day in this place. I know I did about the shuttle tearing apart. I am again now. I think this is one of the best albums I have ever heard, and I am glad Norah won all these awards.

Now there are two news stories that are about as far apart as East is from West.

Then again now that I think about it, East and West are pretty relative terms. And one becomes the other, and where they meet and blend and change from one to the other, just changes with where we are at the time.

Maybe destruction and creation have more in common than I realise. Yeah, maybe these two stories are as close as East is to West.

It seems to me that a situation, or event, or maybe just anything can be viewed correctly from more than one perspective, maybe even opposite ones.

I suppose like the three blind men who were told to feel the elephant, and describe what elephants were like, were all correct in their descriptions.

One feeling the tail saying an elephant is like a feeling only the elephant's side describing elephant's as being like a feeling the trunk, and insisting an elephant is like a giant snake.

They could have argued with one another, and funny thing, each one of them was right. None of them were wrong, except in possibly one manner.

Each of them only were aware of part of the truth.

Of course they were blind. I wonder sometimes what I am blind to. What things do I hold to be truths that I am only aware of in part.

It is difficult to impossible to know the whole of anything. More so to know the whole truth about the heart of another person.

And yet in spite of my blindness, I still interact with others, making alliances, drawing lines of separation. Trusting, and not trusting, depending on my perspective of the truth about another.

And so I will continue to do, only I hope I remember that I do not likely know the whole truth about another. And I hope I remain aware that only those who I let get close to me begin to become aware of the whole of me.

So yeah, my heart goes out to the shuttle families, and I say congratulations to Norah Jones, all in the same sentence.

Come away with me, in the night....

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