Yesterday I could not spell writer. Today I are one.
Thursday, Apr. 10, 2003 - 9:06 a.m.

Apparently I quoted, or at least almost quoted song lyrics in my last entry at the end. I do not know who wrote that, or what song it is. So I cannot give credit where it is due, I guess. I thought they were my words. I have probably heard the song, and just forgot. Ok thanks for pointing that out, and this is the best credit I know how to give.

I suppose I am more about the thoughts of others before me than an original thinker anyway. Most everything I know, I learned from someone, or somewhere, and I often have no idea where it came from.

Most any wisdom I possess is the wisdom of someone who somehow imparted it to me. I say most, because, I hope that surely I have thought of something on my own. Not that it really matters to me, except I don't really want to take credit for being something I am not.

Then I would have too much to live up to. So if I should ever write something here that does not belong to me, I want to know about it. Especially if I can learn the name of the original thinker. But hey, this is only an online diary, and the profit I derive from it is an emotional one, or one of insight, and not monetary. If I am supposed to be making money off this, I sure wish I knew how. I would love to do that. Then I would have the time to write a lot of things. I have about an endless list of things I would like to write about, only I have to spend an inordinate amount of time making money to live on, and it leaves me little time to write here.

Problem is, I doubt if most of the things I want to write about would be of interest to more than a handful of people. So help me out. If you like what I write, get together and chip in, and send me money. I figure about a thousand a week would be plenty to satisfy my needs.

I wish I had thought of this before. Very well, I will now call my employer and inform them that I will not be coming in again.

Maybe I should wait until the first check arrives.

Or go hunting unicorns. (photos only)

Or follow a rainbow to it's end.


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