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Sunday, Apr. 13, 2003 - 6:33 p.m.

How personal am I required to be with this diary thing? I have expanded my horizons beyond dland considerably, and now am feeling vulnerable to eyes reading the words I write here.

It is not that there are any dark secrets in these pages, it is that there is much that could be misconstrued without a full knowledge of the meaning of many of my entries. I have up to now, felt compelled to make sure that all eyes that fell upon these words know exactly what I meant when I wrote them. NOT.

I am currently under construction, and am apparently transforming into a newer or is that older type of alien. It is akin to shedding of skin of the type that creatures with an exoskeleton possess, and not of the type that those creatures with a skeletal framework ie. snakes, possess. I suppose this would have been a more appropriate entry for my other diary, than this one.

I just may not be able to keep up with the pseudo protocols I have set up for myself. I should have known better than to limit myself like that.

PS. I am not insane, I let the insanity out in my diaries, thereby not allowing it to remain resident in my offline persona.

Offline persona...that would be the person I pretend to be to the world around me.

Though the preferred method would be to be totally myself, that is often rejected by those who fancy themselves as a fixer of persons, and sometimes diplomacy demands it as well.

I know it is a sad state of affairs in the minds of some, and I apologize for my seeming inability to be what you may prefer I would become. NOT

note: The use of the word NOT at the end of a sentence implies that the sentence is the opposite of it's stated concept.

note: use of the note: feature is a copyright infringement of z0tl. Though not totally true, only for the moment, as in the future I asked permission to use it, and it was or rather will be granted.

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