Saturday, Jan. 11, 2003 - 5:46 a.m.

Wow, my last entry just vanished. That makes me a little hesitant to even make another one. It's not like it was a goldmine that will change my life forever or anything.

Still, it feels a little like some part of me has been amputated. Like I know what that feels like.

I wish I had a backup because I can't really reproduce it. It was just an entry about the movie Rainman, and how it had effected my life some. No great loss.

I hope I can figure out how to make a backup so I never lose everything.

I wanted to write an entry about being in love. I will wait until I post this one, and see if it sticks.

I was checking the stats thingie on dland, and see I got googled for an entry that mentioned

ms-ashlynn's entry on fatherhood.

I also got yahoo'ed about raliens. I don't know why I am writing about it other than it was kind of exciting to see that. Like seeing my name in print, without references to...defendant...suspect...or survived by in the text. hehe

I have really missed a lot of entries people have made in the last two days, and hope I can catch up on some of them.

So end I must, and backup will I try. If it goes ok, then I will make more entries again.

ps. If someone stole my entry, I could have pointed you to a lot of other diaries that would have offered a greater reward than the one you took. At least when I steal entries, I just clone them, and don't destroy the originals. <----kind of an inside joke hehe.

Do you think I should quit getting drunk, and handing out my password to pretty Canadian and American girls? Or at least stop putting it on the walls of the public facilities?

Maybe Nancy Reagan was right.......Just say no.

pps. oooh I think I just fixed the missing entry problem. I just hope I have not pushed the wrong button, and inadvertantly destroyed all of dland as we know it. LOL

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