Dreams, or nightmares. hmm.
Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 - 3:18 a.m.

How many times have I not done something that I put off til later, only to find it forever undone?

And what things of lesser importance took priorities over making happen that which I most desired?

Has it slipped my mind that it is not about finding the right people to be friends with, rather about being the right person?

Less about finding the right person to love, and more about being the right person?

Less about creating the right circumstances to commit to something, and more about committing and responding to them as they come?

Less about responding to popular wisdom and opinion, and more about charting and then following my own course.

I am not so sure that popular wisdom is no more than an oxymoron.

Have I forgotten that safety and security are often mere illusions that are nothing more than prisons in reality?

Safety and security are no more than pseudo states dependent on the whims of others if they are purchased with the loss of freedom to act.

So maybe it is time again for me to proclaim my independence from the things and opinions that would make slavery of my life to that which has no interest in my well being.

Time to step away from the comfort zone of inaction, and resume my exploration of the realm of possibilities.

I would prefer to crash my life and go on, than to merely be content with watching it decompose through inaction.

I think I forgot that my achievements will never be larger than my dreams. I would hate to think I would live my life to the end and never have dreamed big enough.

That sounds more like a nightmare to me.

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