Wednesday, Jan. 08, 2003 - 11:39 p.m.

Do you have any children? Raising children is quite a tough challenge. Sometimes it is hard to know just what they need.

Some things are obvious. Clothe and feed them well. Get them in the right schools. And many more of the things that go into preparing them to step out into the world, and make their own way.

And isn't the best preparation they can be given simply the knowledge of how to live life as they go. How to function from within themselves without needing to be led by the hand?

I have often wished there were a manual...Users Manual...for this thing we call life.

Maybe there is. If so, I have found a part of the parents section.

If you have children, click on the link you will find below in bold letters. Take just a moment of your time, to find out what your children really need to be prepared for their future, and what they need to live contented in their present.

If you already knew this. That is good. If you forgot, remind yourself. If you never knew, then learn, and always remind yourself of it.

Your children deserve no less than this.

If you know someone else who struggles with raising children, tell them. If you have no children, just insert friend, lover, confidant, where you find the word children.

Though the entry was written from the perspective of Father hood, I believe inserting any word that fits there will do nicely also.

What your children want, and need, even though they don't really know they do.

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