Wednesday, Jan. 08, 2003 - 8:02 a.m.

You may want to skip the following rant. LOL

One of the policies where I work is that everyone must have in their possession, a photo badge at all times on their person. It is required to gain entrance to the facilities, and used for tracking our every move.

Now, I don't mind that too much, as it is for our protection from Osama and his buddies, or any self proclaimed Genghis Khan types, that may pillage or plunder our closely guarded secrets.

I don't even mind the smocks we wear from the President on down to the lower echelons of the company.

Some of the recent policy changes however, have made me realise that we have to wear one more thing, and it doesn't seem to fit me well.

We are all required now to wear a mask as well, so there is no distinction possible of one to another.

While it is not a literal mask, it is a mask nevertheless.

I gave it a name in a mandatory Associate suggestion memo. I called it cookie mask. I call it that because we are to be the cookies, and unfortunately some of us don't fit the cutter.

We are all to present the same face, and I felt it was taking it's toll on our personal creativity. I was informed that my comments on creativity were appreciated, though my calling it a cookie mask was not. I responded with a memo stating that I was sorry for the cookie comment, and if the policy on suggestion memo guidlines was re-written, I would be glad to comply, and in fact offered a suggestion that they give us a word for word suggestion with fill in the blank spots so that further suggestions would be more to their liking. After all it's their jar, and they should have the kind of cookies they want in it. I did not mention cookies, or jars in the suggestion however. So we now have a meeting scheduled to announce some new suggestion policy guidelines.

Some of my fellow associates have thanked me kindly for helping to generate yet more policy updates. Perhaps I shouldn't play with them so much. END OF WORK RANT COMMENTS

Rather than continue here, I believe I will just end now, and post another entry to the point of my little rant here.

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